3 SHAI Travels discloses this statement that it will not be responsible if the flights are delayed or cancelled or their schedule changes. It is the customers responsibility to check the correct times at least one day before their departure date. In case of flights cancellation, the airline is responsible to arrange accommodation for the passengers so our customers should not contact us in such cases. Reconfirmation for flights is vital at least 72 hours before boarding the flight. If the customers do not reconfirm and because of this, they are refused boarding or entry into the flight on the day of their departure, then 3 SHAI will not be responsible to arrange an alternative flight and will also not be responsible for any extra charges incurred. The customers must arrange themselves for an alternative flight at the airport of their embarkation.

We also bear no responsibility for any things or valuables that are lost or stolen during the travel. If the flights or any other transports are delayed, 3 SHAI takes no responsibility to claim the compensation on behalf of the customers. If the customers want the compensation, then they should do so by directly contacting the relevant airline and not 3 SHAI Travels. The tickets that the customers purchase from us does not cover insurance. If the customers incur any sort of injury or any lost of life takes place during the travel and if the customers are not insured, then 3 SHAI will not be responsible. It is the customer’s responsibility to arrange the insurance for themselves.

In relates to the forms we fill, we will not be liable in case if the application is refused or rejected due to in-sufficient documents provided by you or due to other reasons. However, after filling the form, we will inform you about the documentation to be enclosed with the application, so it is your responsibility to supply the correct documents required by the organisation where the application is being sent.

Last but not the least, we do not give any guarantee about the length of time that will be taken for the application to be processed. It is entirely upon the organisation to decide when to process and decide the application.